Martina Cyr


My background….

I am trained in Art and Design and also hold my teaching certification.

I have worked in the corporate world as a product designer focusing on color and collections, and have taught in International schools, and in private classes for adults and children.


I have been studying, teaching and living in The Netherlands for the last 2.5 years. The experience has opened up my way of thinking. How each of us us goes about our lives in a unique, expressive way. Living abroad among the Dutch culture, as well as traveling  so so many European destinations to see and experience the arts has been such a gift. There is so much history in each and every country. Each culture brings it different colors, patterns, architecture and different forms of expression. All of which has influenced my observation, creating and making process.


My process….

In my personal work, I love using different materials to achieve various effects. I believe each medium is strong and special for different reasons and has intrinsic qualities that not only adds a visual aspect but an emotional one also. How each medium is applied to the canvas or paper affects the end result of the total piece, and each element creates a tension and dynamic with the others that comes together to express the whole image.

 I connect with each piece, and get into the flow of what it needed.


My Instructional approach…


Creative Strength Training.

Each of us is born with the joy of creating at an early age, and it is vital to keep that love and pride of making going in each of us. Every society in the world has always used "creating" to document and express their culture, feelings and history. Creative expression for children and adults gives us all a non-competitive outlet where we can foster the love of wonder and exploration. We all learn through doing, playing and making. Just like anything else we train for in life, we need to do creative strength training as well. We wouldn’t just run a marathon expecting to do well without building up and training for it. Our creativity is the same thing. Practice, instruction, support and enjoyment will build up all of our creativity and that is what I teach and foster in my workshops and classes.


De Middelste Molen

What an opportunity to work with this historic paper mill in The Netherlands, where I live. To learn, watch and try the process of traditional paper making, the way they did over half a century ago, is such an inspiration. The fibers in the paper is processed in both directions so the surface for my ink and watercolor pieces is just spectacular. I also love the texture that is created in that it gives a very unique 3D element to the surface design.

For a brief video of the De Middelste Molen:

Personal interests, activities and passions