Simplicity versus Minimalism

Thinking a lot about clutter in my mind, not my space where I have always needed it to be clear to create, but in my mind, and my commitment to leading a Simple life and having a Minimalist lifestyle, and also how they overlap and differ, and how does that open my mind to creating.

I am going after a Simple life with my needs of things from everything from food, to clothing, to purchases of any kind. I also think that I am going after a Minimal, low consumption approach with the fewest of elements.

I find it even more freeing and clutter free in my creative and peaceful mind to not need everything from milk in my coffee to one more sweater, to spending to consume for a moment of joy. I am working hard to be content with less things, and to spend more time on gaining time. It is making me feel stronger and clearer in my creative approach as well as deeper in my spirituality and contentment. I am finding myself being kinder to myself and more focused.

This lack of needing things is making me more adaptable and grateful in my travel journeys where I can't be hungry for the things I am used to. When I am in a new environment there is very little I need to find joy.

Not wanting of things is a gift I can give myself. Daily training of not needing external things to find internal peacefulness is an opening experience.

Labor Day and the Season turning into the seriousness of Beginnings

It seems that each Labor Day weekend brings us that feeling of seriousness, and endings.

Instead of thinking about what has come and gone with the free spiritedness of summer. I focus also on the joy of having new starts, routine, structure and opportunities and the satisfaction and fullness of what comes from goals and ambition.

From way back to the earliest of times as a young child  this time of year meant back to school , an ending, and a sense of loss from playing, the sadness of structure. Now as an adult I embrace this time with a zest for opportunities.

I continue to structure my thoughts not so much on  what is necessary to do, but more on what is necessary NOT TO DO. I have that list ready to go each day on my phone . When I am happy as a Labrador to have woken up yet again, and even "oh boy oh boy, I get to eat", I begin my day with positivity and intentional focus, and my "To Don't list".

I am also working on seeing what openings present themselves throughout the moments in each day so I can join in, and not be a prisoner of my aspirations for the day. 

Join in on whatever the day brings in.

If summer has officially gone, so too has that breeze of Fall come in, and one of a clearer path.

I commit to a plan, and one that includes being present to go off course with opportunities.